The Journey Begins

I am nervous and excited…to quote the girl in the (in)famous Can’t Hug Every Cat meme. Dara hits home on many fronts for me. She is my friend, who understand who I am and what I hope to do. And then, as if that weren’t enough, she connects me to others who would be great to collaborate with. In a way Dara is a human version of LinkedIn meeting 🙂

Can’t wait to see this one get off her feet. There is tons to do before I sleep.

On the UX end, we have to craft her personality. Give her cultural nuances and empathetic behaviour. I’m hoping to dip into my learnings from the Coaching training that I received last year from the amazing Isabelle Mortimer and Debs Bernard of RD1st.

So Day 0 and here are the key things we (Kamya Ramachandran and I) need to get going on:

  1. Contracts & Legal Backend – what are our user policies and what are people signing up to do with us…and of course the team on-boarding contracts…phew!
  2. Script for Qualitative Research Interviews – tone of researcher and survey Q’s
  3. Script for Directory Population Interviews – tone of interviewer and key aspects to discuss with interviewee
  4. Dara’s Personality Sketch – who is she, what does she want to do and how would she set about doing that


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