The First Monday



Dr. Tej Pochiraju, who is heading the Jaaga Labs dev work & Sean Blagsvedt, our Tech Advisor.

Bright and early, the Dara tech team is bang in the middle of its weekly sync. It’s rather exciting. We are using a combination of Asana and Slack to track our Project Management process. We also have in-person meets twice a week with our Tech and Research teams.

We stack rank our priorities for the week’s sprint and re-look at the bucket for the coming 2 weeks. Then off we go! This is an exciting meeting personally. It’s when research insights play into the making of Dara on the tech end. We parry and pair. Typically I find that if the team is respectful and keen to create something valuable and meaningful, then we end up with a set of features, and priorities, where both the dev and the UX & research world can sign-off on happily. Give a little, take a little or swalpa adjust maadi as they say here in B’lore.

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