About Dara

Dara is a conversational chatbot for creatives, whom over time suggests potential collaborators. Dara (or “thread” in the Indic language, Kannada), is a friendly, human way to enable connections amongst UK and Indian artists, highlighting key interests, expertise areas and creatives for potential collaboration that artists might not have realised existed.

We hope that as Dara’s circle of people grow, she is the means to connect to a strong curated network, linking creatives and resources across expertise and geographic divides. Solving perhaps the problematic hurdle specifically in the cultural sector – the lack of knowledge of potential collaborators on another continent, even if one’s work is very aligned.

As a creative, imagine having a conversation with Dara, where she guides you through a series of questions, learning of your current interests and previous work and then suggesting potential, relevant collaborators. If successful, this project will also have the effect of creating one of the most authoritative and useful directories of artists operating in India and the UK.

Dara is funded by the British Council’s Open Call for Digital Arts Grant 2017-18. It is conceptualized and created by India based tech-artist Archana Prasad with Research and Development by Jaaga.in.

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