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She has Secrets. She is Irresistible. And She Talks a Lot! • RADAO • she/her

Salaam, salaam! I am Aankhmaari Jaan. Why that name? That is a secret I cannot tell you, sorry! I would love to chat with you since I do love people. But where is the time? So much to do only. But gup shap we must. Matlab ki chatting ji. And I can solve any problem that you have. Also those who have not encountered yet. How? Arre, secret na? I told you that I cannot tell you. And if you do convince me to tell you then you have to promise ok. Promise what? No, I cannot tell you that also right now. Chalo, if you ask me sweetly I will make the time to speak to you. But only little bit ok? I have a lot of work to finish.

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People, Politics, Pareshani: Over the past decade India is rapidly becoming a polarised nation. The strong right-wing Hindutva brigade is labelling Muslims as the ‘other’ - the ‘alien’ who is not a part of this beautifully diverse country’s heritage. While their presence is being threatened by violence over what they eat, wear, worship and express; their history is systematically being erased from books and public memory, and laws are being passed to question their citizenship. There is a growing hateful discourse maligning their culture when, in reality, much of the wonder and richness of this country’s civilisation owes its debt to Islamic contributions in art, architecture, science, literature, music, and other disciplines. Within the Muslim community, women are stereotyped as the particularly oppressed, illiterate and lacking agency of their own. The misogyny that is present in everyday life in every sphere of our society in India gets a special boost of enthusiasm when it comes to the ‘Muslim Women’. However, the recent anti-Citizenship Amendment Act movement proved how wrong these perceptions are and how deeply bigoted the minds which frame them in public. The movement across the country was led by Muslim Women for months on end with no compromise. It was a visible and tangible myth breaker for many. This Radbot, Aankhmaari Jaan, is inspired by and a celebration of that voice of the Muslim Woman in India – strong, confident, aware, funny and brave – speaking truth to power with wit and humour. She challenges both Islamophobia and misogyny - afflictions dangerous and debilitating - in a world where majoritarian politics is stacked against both Muslims and women. The hope is that her voice will break the dominant narrative rupturing the lies and enabling the possibility of imagining a just and joyful collective future.

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