We are looking for creative consultants to join the Dara crew. It’s a one-month gig. You will be remunerated based on your experience and skills. Interested? Please email us immediately at dara@jaaga.in. Be sure to include samples or links to your portfolio.

Do you like writing creatively? Do you cross your t’s and dot your i’s? Do you have a vivid imagination. We want you! We are working on a fun online art project and would look to you to work with us in writing for it. We’d develop tone and language nuances together and flesh out believable, lovable characters and personalities. Send us a sample of your writings. Convince us you love fiction writing, script-writing or both. And boom! You’ll be on board.
Do you care deeply about the creative sector? Do you want to talk to some of the most interesting artists and designers across UK and India? Are you methodical, curatorial and can read between the lines? Your are the one! This job will entail identifying and connecting with design and arts professionals across India and the UK. We are looking to build a curated directory of creatives across the cultural spectrum who are looking to work with others across the two countries. You will join us in accomplishing this noble mission.


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