Change Happens in Discussion

Members lean in and rely on each other through relevant, topic-based channels.

Talk on Your Own Time

Audio, text and video messages (with transcripts!) lets everyone communicates authentically on their own terms - without those endless Zooms.

Share Your Work

Debut your masterpiece or selectively share work-in-progress with vetted peers.

Show Off Your People

Publishing your profile, community members and events is easy sans Zuckerberg selling your data.

Amazing Institutions Deserve
Amazing Digital Communities

Training the next generation of leaders is vital.
Dara makes these social networks last.
Every Community gets its own Channels, Events and Member directory.

...with measureable impact.

We work with orgs to catalyze (and measure) your community’s engagement so you can truly deliver a network for life.


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Dara contains no ads, will never sell any of our user data and is free for individuals.