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Artistic Director - The Impro Company, Software Engineer • he/him

Blessin Varkey is a technologist who works with emerging technologies for Rapid Application Development. He is also a theatre artist who has worked extensively with improvisational theatre and has been part of various theatre & digital productions. Since 2013, he has also worked towards creating accessible technology solutions for persons with disabilities and parkinsons. He has a passion for using technology to make a difference in the world and believes that it can be a powerful tool for social change.

Blessin has been invited to talk on technology for special education & rehabilitation by SIGACCESS-ACM, USA, Enabling Opportunities Summit in Singapore, Proyash at Dhaka, Bangladesh, Digital Impact Square - TCS, IIIT-D, SOIL among others. He has co-authored 15+ articles and journals with the Association of Computing Machinery, IEEE, Elsevier and is a member of ACM’s Special Interest Group - SIGACCESS.

As a social innovator, his work was recognized by the NASSCOM in 2015 for developing HOPE, a Kinect based application for individuals with developmental disabilities and by Digital Empowerment Foundation in 2016. Blessin did his post graduation studies in Artificial Intelligence and his graduation in Computer Science Engineering.

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