Blume Ventures

Reimagining Startup Financing For India

In 2010, Karthik and Sanjay started Blume Ventures, with a mission to reimagine startup finance for India. They did that by creating an unusual kind of venture firm, one that could move with the speed of an angel investor, but be institutionalized in its approach. Blume bridged a gap that had existed in the Indian venture market then, between local angel networks and larger global venture capital firms.

Along the way, this startup venture fund of ours has grown, backing transformational ventures and passionate founders, across our 3 funds to become a key player in India’s startup ecosystem. En route, we have invested in and helped build over a 100 startups, across geographies and verticals.

All of these startups are united by a common theme: they are looking to solve uniquely Indian problems, ones that emerge out of the vast complexities of building for and operating in the Indian sub-continent, with its 23 official languages, distinct cultural groups and disparate income levels. While the solutions are for India, their aspirations and attitudes are global, and they remind us that the next wave of global startups are beginning to emerge out of India.

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