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Paramparaa is an organisation with deep concerns for heritage and culture. Under the patronage and guidance of eminent citizens of Hyderabad on the board, Paramparaa is working towards reviving art forms in temples and heritage sites to connect common man with our rich cultural heritage.

India has a cultural heritage dating back to thousands of years with various genres of dance, music, theatre, puppetry, and visual arts, all of which have been a means of worship nurtured in temples and village squares. They not only bring joy to the performer and the audience but also provide an insight into ancient legends which inculcate spiritual values. It is our earnest endeavor to bring this back to today’s society which is fast losing touch with its cultural roots.

Dance and music once used to be a prerogative of the elite and the learned who witnessed these programs in sabhas and auditoriums. Paramparaa Foundation’s venture of taking these dance forms by renowned artists to the masses helps to create a forum giving common man easy access to various art forms. It provides a way to disseminate knowledge about cultural symbolism and traditional practices thereby sensitizing the society on the whole – most importantly, today’s younger generation.

Reviving traditional performing arts in the temple premises and heritage sites, we believe, also helps create awareness about the forgotten art forms and neglected religious and cultural spaces. Paramparaa Foundation’s work provides a platform for upcoming artists to get recognition and support to pursue performing art as a career. Paramparaa also aims to provide financial assistance to deserving artists.

As we continue with exciting plans, our priority is to present you with unique and new experiences of an array of fine musicians and dancers. We look forward to your continued support and encouragement to help us integrate our cultural and natural heritage back into the mainstream of our everyday life.

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