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Director - Flow India. Learning Experience Design Strategist. Works at the intersection of Design, Education and Culture.

I am a Learning Experience Design strategist, drawing from over a decade of experience cross-pollinating within the sectors of Design, Culture and Education.

My work focuses in examining new models of learning at the intersection of these disciplines, framed within a human-centred design approach. My areas of interest lie exploring multi-cultural, intercultural and global education within formal and informal systems of learning, the future of anti-disciplinary learning in the context of 21st century skills and values and investigating relevant competence frameworks that can be integrated within the same.

I run a learning innovation company, Flow India, which works with a range of Engaged Cultural, experiential and enquiry-based methodologies, supporting its stakeholders in making the real world, accessible, relevant and sustainable as a resource for learning. Flow has been leading efforts in embedding this approach within the sector eco-system while responding to the needs and context of different institutions across India and has set benchmarks for others in the field.

Trained as an interpretive planner and designer for cultural exhibits and communication systems, I have worked on a number of public and private museum projects across India including the Viraasat-e-Khalsa, Punjab and the Amar Singh Kanota Museum, Jaipur and continue to provide strategic consultancy in this space.

I am a graduate of the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad and have served as visiting faculty and jury member at NID, Ahmedabad and the School of Design, Ambedkar University, Delhi.

I am an alumna of the South East Asia Leadership Academy (SEALA) and a member of the Society of International Business Fellows (SIBF) network.

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Radbot - Anrup

RadBots are an NFT collection of conversational videobots created by leading global artists. The project combines 2022’s most advanced artificial intelligence, authored screenplays and’s async video-chat platform to bring fascinating AI characters to life on anyone’s phone. RadBots is a radical experiment in modern collectivism and responsible crypto.

Anrup is the RadBot that I worked on as part of this project. He is a curious and cheeky little boy who is on the autism spectrum. He is very sensitive and observant about people and relationships. He loves being around people but ends up spending a lot of time on his own, conjuring up multiple make-believe worlds where he roams freely.

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