4 - 5:30 PM, Aug 28 (2022) (Asia/Calcutta)

'Being a Sponge: A Playwright’s Journey' with Akash Mohimen

In our third conversation, Akash Mohimen joins us to share his journey with the play Mahua, a play based in Orissa's Bihabund following the journey of Adivasi leader Birsa as he fights for his community and land. What does it mean to represent a story unlike one's own? How does a writer bring humanity to his characters? And what does it mean to build empathy for a different world and culture? These are some of the questions we dive into this month, so join us!

About the playwright: Akash Mohimen has been working as a writer since 2010. After his first play in 2010, ‘Might Mirembayanna’ and the ‘Prisoners of Peace’, he was selected for Writers' Bloc 3, where he developed ‘Mahua’, which opened in 2012. Since then he adapted Badal Sircar’s ‘Beyond the Land of Hattamala’, wrote ‘The Wall of Colours’ and ‘Under the Chestnut Tree’, the latter being shortlisted for the Hindu Metroplus Playwright Award, 2013. In 2017 he forayed into film by co-writing the screenplay for ‘Rukh’.

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