12 AM - 11:55 PM, Feb 28 (2022) (Asia/Kolkata)

Call for Applications: bangaloREsidency-Expanded 2022

Who: Artists living and working in Karnataka and Kerala
Section: Visual arts, performing arts, tech art, radio, sound, film, design, new media
Duration: 4 – 8 weeks

The bangaloREsidency-Expanded programme is all about artistic exchange. Emerging Indian artists stand to profit immensely from exposure to other cultures/artistic arenas. The aim of this initiative is, therefore, to establish long-term artistic exchange in a sustainable format that intensifies creative exchange through a novel practice of collaboration wherein Indian artists get to live and work in Germany, gain access to the art practice of the other culture and thereby enrich their own creativity. We have 13 partners – spanning various art forms- across 7 different cities in Germany. The choice is wide and it's all yours!

More about the programme: goethe.de/bangaloREsidencyExpanded

Deadline for applications: March 31, 2022
Only for Lichtenberg Studios and
WeltKunstZimmer: February 28, 2022
Final selection: May 16, 2022
Only for Lichtenberg Studios and WeltKunstZimmer: March 31, 2022
Apply to: residency-bangalore@goethe.de