7 - 8 PM, Jul 1 (2022) (Asia/Calcutta)

Chai Time at Jaaga

Hosted By
Tej Pochiraju
FMR Director - Jaaga (Entrepreneur Programme) • IOTReady technologies Solutionspvt ltd
Archana Prasad
Founder & Chief Operations Officer • Gooey.AI / Dara.network • she/her
Nisha Mary Poulose
Founder- Technical lead, Woven Design Collaborative • Community Engagement Lead, Jaaga • she/her
Shekar Y M
Finance - Jaaga • Dara.network • he
Tarsh Williams
Founder • TrueNature Learning and Development

Come join us for a cosy chai get-together where we think about all the ways that we might reconnect with each other. We hope to bring back Jaaga’s amazing community to meet and share journeys at its space and online here at Dara.

The chai chitchat will be followed by BeFantastic’s Future Fantastic gathering that’ll talk about our upcoming AI and movement arts focused festival coming up in 2023. You are invited to stay on and tune in to this part of the evening as well. More here: https://dara.network/bfwithin/events/863/futurefantastic-huddle-bengaluru

Jaaga , 5/1 Rich Homes, PH01 6th Floor, Richmond Road, Richmond Town, Bangalore 560003