Jun 30, 6 PM - Dec 31, 11:59 PM (2022) (Asia/Calcutta)

Call for Applications | IAF | Project 560

India Foundation for the Arts (IFA)
invites proposals for Curated Artistic Engagements
under Project 560

Applications are accepted throughout the year

A sports coach imagines a series of participatory art events in city neighbourhoods with football as a form of creative expression
A group of environmentalists narrate stories of the city's ecology with games
at local parks
A camaraderie of artists-researchers transform their data on working women
into poetry sessions
A collective of lawyers in collaboration with immigrant workers and musicians create a series of musical discussions on the idea of home and belonging

Create your own kaleidoscope of Bangalore that engages with the multiple narratives that shape the city; bring its past, present, and future in conversation with each other. Make a creative and discursive space where arts, activism, science, ecology, education, urbanisation, technology, languages, and communities can speak together in multiple voices.

IFA seeks to implement Curated Artistic Engagements on Bangalore that reflect upon the city by asking questions or by offering multiple imaginations of the cosmopolis. Engagements could include storytelling, music, performances, installations, exhibitions, gaming, lecture-performances, public discussions and other such activities that would offer new perspectives, foreground unheard voices, and encourage people to reimagine the city through the arts and culture. The presentation of these curatorial engagements must be public and in a physical format, with virtual elements in part, if necessary. (We do not encourage only virtual presentations.)

Duration of the project: 8-10 activities have to take place at regular intervals within 12 months

Budget: Up to a maximum of Rs 5 lakh

Applications are accepted throughout the year

Supported by
India Foundation for the Arts