Sep 15, 12 AM - Dec 15, 11:59 PM (2022) (Asia/Calcutta)

The Digital Everyday: 15 Sep-15 Dec 2022

What does The Digital Everyday cover?

The Digital Everyday brings a feminist lens to understanding the entanglements between bodies and technologies. Over a period of 12 weeks, you will learn about:

-Body and its entanglements
-Data Bodies
-Quantified Bodies
-Algorithmic Bodies
-Networked Bodies
-Archival Bodies
-Material Technologies
-Technology Imaginaries
-Resistant Technologies
-Digital Everyday

What will I take away from The Digital Everyday?

The Digital Everyday proposes a feminist pedagogy shaped by principles of co-creation, collaboration, care, and critique. It offers five learning outcomes that are connected to each other. You will:

Be oriented towards a critical feminist stand-point in looking at the ways by which digital technologies and bodies are intertwined to create new pathways to social justice
Learn how to re-centre the body in the digital, based on your lived experiences
Understand and unpack the backend of digital technologies
Create a new vocabulary of The Digital Everyday
Learn from multiple stakeholders working on bodies, technologies, and social justice
What does my learning journey look like?

The Digital Everyday is built on the understanding of learning as a collective practice. Instead of individual-driven, competitive practices, we offer formative and reflective conditions for learning. You can choose between being a Resident and a Learner. (Refer to table below.)

Who is The Digital Everyday for?

The Digital Everyday is curated specifically for activists, practitioners, policymakers, community organisers, artists, researchers, and students based in India. We especially welcome applications from women, non-binary, queer and trans persons.

Is there a course fee?

While participation in The Digital Everyday is financially valued at INR 25,000, we are offering full scholarships for 100 Residents to co-create this learning journey with us.

Is there a selection process?

The Digital Everyday is open to participants from different fields, experiences, and education levels. Since we have a limited number of seats, we will prioritise applications that reflect a strong interest in and desire to understand how gender intersects with the technology we use, or how the body is mediated through technology.

When will I know if I am a part of the course?

Applications close by 8 August 2022. If selected, you will be notified over email on 15 August 2022.

I still have questions.
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NOTE: The organizers may reschedule, modify or cancel this event at their discretion. Please contact the organizers directly to confirm these details before attending.