Neural Networking

Neural Networking is a multi-faceted exclusive event to be held at India Art Fair consisting of a dialog between experts in emerging Techart practices, followed by a facilitated luncheon conversation between invitees on the topic of humanizing technologies like AI through art and its ability to creatively engage audiences on pressing global issues. We end with the RadBot’s Drop, a preview of conversational video bots available as NFTs and explore possibilities of owning interactive AI based techart as it encounters the art market.

The possibility of non-human intelligences to complement human activity has long excited scholars across various disciplines. Through the 20th century, while artists began deconstructing the role of the artist and the very nature of art objects, computer science had begun developing specializations to tangibly consider the possibilities of artificial intelligences which were progressively becoming more powerful and accessible. Emerging from these parallel developments, we now see creative “collaborations” between humans and machines that are significantly expanding various realms of artistic production.

Considerations around Artificial Intelligence enabling the art experience, from those of authorship to aesthetics, are developing in complexity and in the midst of the various enigmatic concepts and practices that populate these spaces, it becomes important to begin with fundamental questions. How has the computer transitioned from being a tool to a viable collaborator for art making? What are the conceptual and formal motivations of practitioners at these intersections? Is Artificial Intelligence really intelligent and, if so, can their role in creation supersede that of the human creator? And, does it matter If it does?

As BeFantastic lays the groundwork for India’s first AI + Art Festival, FutureFantastic, we engage an invited cohort of creators, curators and collectors at the India Art Fairs to join us as we enquire into what large datasets and neural networks have meant for art, and what implications these emerging relationships can have for our collective futures.

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