Dibyendu Seal

I am a software engineer by profession, and largely self-taught as an artist, I love to explore the contradictions of urban cosmopolitanism and the increasing dependence on technology in our everyday lives. My paintings are full of elements from the world of technology and gadgets interspersed with organic life-forms from nature. The motifs in his images somehow manage to evoke the aesthetic dimensions of ordinary objects, yet, at the same time try to express a personal longing for sustenance by rediscovering his lost connections with nature. As an artist I am influenced by design related concerns as well as perennial philosophical issues regarding the nature of objects. With their lyricism and limited colour palette by which I try to narrate a gradual process of self-discovery.

I am influenced by Surrealistic art and hyper realism. I have plan to marge my knowledge of technology to my artistic career and to create something more creative.

🇮🇳 India

I mainly work as a painter till now but my subjects was from both the field of Technology and nature. I am trying to marge this both to a single platform to create something more exciting and creative.


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