Laura Fiorio

I am a photographer • I work for myself-freelance

In my work, I address the transformation of urban spaces and their inhabitants focusing particularly on the topics of human geography, personal archives and construction of a common imagery through memories. Aspects such as transition, gentrification and displacement of people and spaces on both, a local and global level are the focal point of my artistic examinations that usually culminate in collective and participative projects. My approach is based on my interest in public art and photography as a vehicle for change. My work is often presented in social and educational contexts and exposed in spaces not commonly dedicated to art, with intervention in public spaces or collaboration with NGOs.

🇩🇪 Germany

I am interested in architecture and urban structures, their change and the connection to the people inhabiting those spaces. My artistic approach ranges between reportage, documentary and landscape photography, between participatory and public art. Photography is my main medium, nonetheless I consider my projects as a photographic discussion drawing on a variety of different media and techniques. Hence I do not only work with photographs such as portraits or architectural images, I furthermore draw on interview excerpts, quotes or iconographic material from archives. Thereby, the focus is rather on the process and documentary approach than on the final product. My works are open to any form of participation; they offer a platform for exchange and rapprochement – for the protagonist and the viewer alike.


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