Priya Bhattacharji

Miss Chief • Ichchuk : Short Films For Schools / Thrivin' : street Art+Play • she/her

To break the fourth wall of classrooms :)

Delhi / Meerut India

Short films , Art&Film embeddments at primary-school level, Art Entrepreneurship for kids , Creative Tech


Thrivin' : street Art+Play

Repurposed art + Street games + Techno Music +Lively Open spaces = Healthier , Happier communities

Ichchuk : Short Film For Schools

A one-of-its-kind social initiative, Project Ichchuk designs and facilitates playful learning experiences through the inventive use of short films and documentaries.

- Bound to leave kids wide-eyed with wonder, inspiration and hopefullness

-Vibes with kids of varying socio-economic levels

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