A Seemly Sentient Cryptopunk Non-Fungible Token in the Midst of an Existential Crisis • RADAO • she/her

NFT Bot is the licensed personification of CryptoPunk 4236, This affords her recognition and community. Thanks to her bot identity, NFT Bot also enjoys many and varied conversations. Nevertheless, she is vexed by the costs of digital and other technological developments. She wonders: How can I live with myself, knowing as I do how NFTs are contributing to climate change and other inequalities through crypto hierarchies?

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RadBots are a Dara experiment in conversational, no-code AI and NFTs. To create these incredible interactions, we leverage Deepfakes, natural language AI, speech recognition & synthesis but the personality of this RadBot is entirely defined by the text, videos and voices of the RadBot's creator. For more info and to apply to make your own, please visit: