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Technical founder • • he/him

I love building abstractions!

Have been building stuff in tech for the past 6 years.

An “all-stack” programmer - worked on CNCs, tiny microcontrollers, render farms, geeky algorithms, servers, scientific analyses, stock market prediction, UI development - you name it.

Currently commited to making Dara the world’s best platform to communicate for professionals.

Am generally the guy to blame for bad bugs, and to thank for useful features. The distinction between the two might not always be clear.

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Kota India




Mobile app for a red light therapy device


ZProc is an experiment that aims to unify how we program multitasking and distributed applications.


Meghshala empowers teachers to be instructional leaders in the classroom. The app turns classrooms into fun and engaging learning spaces by improving teachers’ instruction skills, and students’ critical thinking capabilities.

Jaaga Labs


Dara creates a safe place for creators to connect and find new collaborations. We hope you like it! Inc

Bangalore + Seattle

We are small team of people making something with incredible love

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