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I’m getting Jackfruit Energy started. The aim is to build software for managing renewable energy systems. Starting out with electric vehicle fleets - helping fleets maximise how much renewable energy they purchase from the grid (or solar powered charging infrastructure?)

I’m most interested by natural-human system interaction. The most obvious perhaps being co2 emissions from human activity causing global climate change. But at more local level, habitat desctruction by aggriculture, and then impacts on wildlife and biodiversity. In fact across all of our 9 planetary boundaries. EVs and software seems the best to work in for now!

I’m from the UK, moved to Bangalore in 2021, and lived here 2013 to 2016.

I’d be happy to collaborate on:
- Anything energy or transport

I can do:
- Electrical engineering
- Energy system simulation, design, business case
- Little bit of Python

I’d be glad to learn anything about:
- Outdoor spots or hikes around Bangalore,
- Waste and circular economy in India
- Software development

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