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A skull with a complicated history • it/it

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Skull X sheds light on a dark chapter of colonial history and is - by being in the world - part of the current decolonisation process. He represents one of hundreds of thousands of skulls who were shipped to Europe in colonial times from the colonised areas, mostly from the African continent. German anthropologists mostly collected them to prove their race theory which they needed to justify the colonial project. By measuring the skull capacity they tried to prove the inferiority of black people. What most people don't know is that tens of thousands of these skulls are still existing in the basement of European universities and museums. Today. Waiting in mouldy card bord boxes for repatriation as the witnesses and proof of a terrible past. Some of them have already been given back. Thousands are still waiting. Skull X is there, in a cardbox box in a basement of some museum, his spirit alive and ready to speak to us.

I am a skull with a complicated history. I don't belong in this box. I don't belong in this country. I was taken here in colonial times. I am still here today. Talk to me to know my story.


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