About Dara

Dara is funded by the British Council’s Open Call for Digital Arts Grant 2017-18. It is conceptualized and created by India based tech-artists Archana Prasad and Sean Blagsvedt.

Design Research and Technical Development by Jaaga.in. We are delighted to have Microsoft Research India as our Research Partner.

Technical Development

Technical Architect: Sean Blagsvedt
Tech Manager: Dr. Tej Pochiraju, Director, Jaaga Labs
Developers: Shivang & Vipin


Artistic Director: Archana Prasad
Character Design, Visual Identity and Website Design: : Rita Dhankani and Mehul Mahicha, Founders, Vivify
Playwrighting: Deepika Arwind


Research Author: Dr. Indrani Medhi, Researcher, Microsoft Research India
Research Manager: Kamya Ramachandran. Director, Jaaga DNA

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